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Pro version offers unique capabilities, commercial licensing and priority support, essential for your business. If you are looking for enterprise features like SLA, or proffesional services check our Enterprise offering. Sales of GoReplay Pro also benefit the community by ensuring that GoReplay itself will remain well supported for the foreseeable future.

Saving and replaying from cloud

When recording traffic from multiple machines, having centralized cloud storage, like Amazon S3, makes replaying simple and effortless.

Improved replay accuracy

Support for tracking and replaying TCP sessions, ensuring not only accurate reuqest content and timing but also the same number of connections to your server.

Support for binary protocols

While the Community version works only with HTTP protocol, PRO provides additional support for binary protocols like Thrift and ProtocolBuffers

“Using GoReplay, we were able to accurately estimate our infrastructure requirements and highlight the flaws in our prospective setup”

Lewis Jackson
DevOps Manager at
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Priority support

Guarantee direct access to a GoReplay expert. Your subscription gives you priority support for any unforeseen issues.

Commercial friendly license

GoReplay is available under the terms of the GNU LGPLv3 license. In addition to its useful functionality, buying Pro grants your organization a GoReplay commercial license instead of the GNU LGPL, avoiding any legal issues your lawyers might raise.


Detailed documentation about using and configuring each feature can be found in our wiki. Read the Commercial FAQ for further details.

BUY NOW $1950/year

Every issue passed to production could cost your company thousands of dollars. Using GoReplay PRO provides an additional layer of protection and confidence against costly mistakes. All sales come with a 30 day, 100% money back guarantee. Our order process is conducted by our online reseller is the Merchant of Record for all our orders. Paddle provides all customer service inquiries and handles returns.

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If you decided to rely on GoReplay for your business, we are happy to provide proffessional services to match your needs: If its either SLA requirments, help with writing and maintaining middleware, or appliance license to ship GoReplay distribution to your customers, we are here to help. Just send us your query to email below.

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