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GoReplay is the simplest and safest way to test your app using real traffic before you put it into production.

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Testing is the biggest constraint impacting quality and speed.

As your application grows, the effort required to test it also grows exponentially. GoReplay offers you the simple idea of reusing your existing traffic for testing, which makes it incredibly powerful. Our state of art technique allows to analyze and record your application traffic without affecting it. This eliminates the risks that come with putting a third party component in the critical path.

GoReplay increases your confidence in code deployments, configuration changes and infrastructure changes. Did we mention that no coding is required?

Swiss army knife for testing web apps.

Once you have installed GoReplay daemon to your server, it will start analyzing and recording your application's traffic. You have the option to save this traffic to a file or the cloud to replay it later. Alternatively, you can replay it directly to the test environment in live mode. Once you have some data, the possibilities are endless!

* Adding GoReplay to your QA pipeline allows you detect issues in the earlier stages. Tests can be run on autopilot or by the developers themselves. GoReplay is the safest way to test on real traffic without deploying to production. Caution, addictive!

* GoReplay is arguably the simplest and most accurate load testing tool on the market today. Writing synthetic tests is difficult, and it’s almost impossible to truly replicate production traffic patterns. Humans, browsers, and robots all do strange things that affect the frequency of requests, URL weighting, size of headers, etc.

With GoReplay, you can easily select part of production traffic and replay it in a manner that is absolutely identical to the testing environment. And you still have the ability to filter and rewrite requests on the fly, to fit your needs. Again, no coding is required! Additionally, our PRO version supports replaying and keep-alive sessions to ensure that you get the exact same number of connections every time.

* Building snapshots of real traffic makes it possible to create repeatable test cases. You view all the user interactions, and what is more important you can actually replay them on your local machine and pinpoint issue sources.

There is an entire layer of errors that just can’t be found via automated and manual testing: concurrency, server environment specific bugs, bugs that occur from requests called in a particular order, and much more. GoReplay ensures that your app isn't tripped up by an edge-case that only presents itself after you've gone live.

Start now by reading a tutorial or go directly to the documentation.

PRO version

GoReplay PRO extension provides support for binary protocols, like Thrift or ProtocolBuffers, saving and replaying from cloud storage, accurate replication of TCP keep-alive sessions, etc. The PRO version also includes a commercial-friendly license, dedicated support, and it also allows you to support high-quality open source development.
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