Case studies

Learn how use GoReplay to accurately estimate requirments and highlight flaws, before releasing major platform changes.

Read Case Study is one of the most visiting French web sites, using GoReplay to identify and replicate production specific issues.

Read Case Study

Learn how Zenika, one of the largest French consultancies, helped one of its clients migrate mission critical component.

Read Case Study

Notable users

Hulu Intuit NBC Universal The Weather Channel Fiverr Pages Jaunes ResDiary Here The Guardian Gov.UK Videology TomTom

“Gor is really a nice tool and we use it to capture traffic. The traffic is then redirected to 2 versions so that we can compare their performance behavior under real-time production load mix conditions.”

Stefan Friese
Test Framework team lead

“We've been using Gor to test our Content API at The Guardian and it's been great! Our API serves tens of millions of requests a day so being able to test changes with real traffic has been great. Thanks for the great library!”

Nicolas Long
Tech lead at

“Videology has been using Gor for at least a few months now. Traffic from our production load balancers stream a small slice of traffic to Gor which then streams it to multiple QA environments. We soak test our new and old versions of our web service and the compare their metrics to discover bugs. Great stuff!”

Sahil Verma
Lead operations engineer at

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If you decided to rely on GoReplay for your business, we provide dedicated support, commercial licensing, and exteded functionality, like support for binary protocols or using cloud storage for saving and replaying.

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