GoReplay started at 2013 as a small side project by me, Leonid Bugaev, as a response to struggling with standard integration and load testing approaches. The worst and most stressfull part in software developmentis the bugs you can't replicate, which usually never seen on QA environements for but for some reason replicated by your users. None of the known to me tools, at that time, provided an answer on how to safely find and replicate such cases, before they hit product, so I created mine. The main idea was do not affect production at all, and instead of acting as proxy, just intercept traffic, and re-construct HTTP stream from packets. After 3 years, I realized that demand for project is so big, that I can't ignore it anymore and decided to learn how I can monetize it so I will have motivation to work on it after all this years, and my users will have commercial grade quality. Thats where we now, 6 years and still counting! GoReplay is definitly an example on how open-source model can live in parallel with commerical, and at the same time not trying to be a next unicorn. Our goal is stable self-sustaintable development, beneficial for both open-source users and our customers. This project will not be possible without help from our community. Thanks all the contributors, sponsors and customers for moving product forward!