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Gor enabled us to put the Router "into production" a long time before we were entirely comfortable that it was "production ready" and without any risk. We could tell that it was doing the right thing from the access logs/stats of the Gor and the Router's own error logs.

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HERE is a leader in navigation, mapping and location experiences

Gor is really a nice tool and we use it to capture traffic. The traffic is then redirected to 2 sw versions so that we can compare their performance behavior under real-time production load mix conditions.

The Guardian - one of the most popular newspapers

We've been using Gor to test our Content API at The Guardian and it's been great! Our API serves tens of millions of requests a day so being able to test changes with real traffic has been great.
Thanks for the great library!

Get most of GoReplay with our PRO extension - top frech yellow pages site

We use Gor to record all our production traffic. Today we keep 10 days of traffic in case of problem. We are one of the top10 French website which means a lot of traffic! Gor saved our life more than once ;-) It was the only way to find very specific issues.
Any other simulation tools were too far away from real traffic.

Thanks for your incredible work.

Videology - Leader Among Video Advertising DSP's

Videology has been using Gor for at least a few months now. Traffic from our production load balancers stream a small slice of traffic to Gor which then streams it to multiple QA environments. We soak test our new and old versions of our web service and the compare their metrics to discover bugs. Great stuff!

OpinionLab - optimize customer experience and drive engagement across multiple channels


Just thought I’d drop you a line and let you know we just successfully rolled out a project called Surrogate, and we did it with help from Gor!

Thanks for your efforts on such an awesome project. I’ve used others other methods of replaying prod traffic to stage, but it was never real time. I really like that I can just ship prod traffic straight to staging and capture so many bugs early on in the development process.

Thanks again.

Foreks - financial applications

We (Foreks) as a company currently develop financial application on many platforms. We have a lot client applications as well as backend services. Some of these services become too old therefore our team re-implement them with new technologies. During this process, we apply stress test on these new services with benchmark tools. Since Gor can replay the real world traffic to various systems, It become more proper. We are using It for testing these sort of backend services and APIs to understand their behavior and for sure we keep continue using Gor.